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The #1 most effective strategy to prevent screaming for attention

So first of all, parrots can scream for a number of reasons. Because it’s fun, because they are scared, because they’re trying to get someone to leave… Same behavior, different reasons.
But specifically screaming for attention is a very common problem, since parrots are the social animals that they are. In fact, calling to each other to keep in touch is one of the reasons they developed those loud voices to begin with!

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Tips for harness training your parrot

So… It’s not exactly summer outside. At least not where I live; the photo below is my balcony in Sweden right now. Bad timing for a post on harness training, you might think… But it’s actually the perfect time for one! This is because harness training isn’t just about strapping a harness on the bird, going putside and hoping for the best – it takes training, at least if we want to do it well, and if we want our bird to actually enjoy spending time outside in the harness. So, starting to work on it now means you’ll be ready as soon as spring arrives again, instead of having to spend potential outdoor-time on it then.


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5 tips on decorating for parrots

When we hear the word enrichment, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be things like toys and foraging enrichment that we provide our birds with on a daily basis to keep them busy. However, the physical environment: how we have built and decorated the habitats our parrots will be living in, is one very important aspect. You could say it’s the very foundation that all other kinds of enrichment is built upon! By thinking carefully about how we put it together, we can increase the chances of parrots in a group getting along (Social enrichment) and encourage them to move around and explore more, and many other things that help keep them happy and healthy. In this blog post i’ll give you some quick tips on what to think about: this is one area where details can make a difference!


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