Parrot Enrichment

Stainless Steel Skewer Toy Bases

Stainless steel skewers are safe durable toy bases.  Skewers are refillable so you can make some pretty impressive foraging toys for your parrots in no time at all.  You can string on a wide variety of toy parts as well as fruits and vegetables.  And they are dishwasher safe so you can wash and refill as often as needed.

Using stainless steel skewers as toy bases not only saves you time when making bird toys but can save you money as well.  You can use leftover parts from used toys, household items like small cardboard boxes and egg cartons and thread them on the skewer together with vegetable and fruit pieces.
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5 tips on decorating for parrots

When we hear the word enrichment, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be things like toys and foraging enrichment that we provide our birds with on a daily basis to keep them busy. However, the physical environment: how we have built and decorated the habitats our parrots will be living in, is one very important aspect. You could say it’s the very foundation that all other kinds of enrichment is built upon! By thinking carefully about how we put it together, we can increase the chances of parrots in a group getting along (Social enrichment) and encourage them to move around and explore more, and many other things that help keep them happy and healthy. In this blog post i’ll give you some quick tips on what to think about: this is one area where details can make a difference!


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