Parrot Training

How to prevent resource guarding and “sudden biting” in parrots

People often ask what the most common problems are that parrot owners seek behavior consultations for.
In my experience, lack of trust is among the most common problems parrot owners have with their feathered friends, or that parrots have with their owners for that matter, 🙂
“Lack of trust” is of course pretty arbitrary in itself, but this often manifests itself in a variety of observable ways, such as biting or fear responses. As always, carefully observing our parrots and respecting what they try to tell us with their body language at all times is key to maintaining trust between us and our birds.

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It’s trained with positive reinforcement so that makes it good, right?

So many people have taken to training animals using positive reinforcement techniques and nothing makes me happier. Many people refer to themselves as “positive reinforcement trainers” – but what does that really mean?
Many people, including some popular internet personalities, use positive reinforcement to teach their birds all kinds of cool tricks. Makes sense, since positive reinforcement works! But in many cases, there’s more to it than that, and it turns out just because we use positive reinforcement – that doesn’t automatically mean our training is good or ethical.

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Making sense of training terminology – negative, positive, what does it even mean?

When talking about training and behavior; misunderstandings easily happen. When translated into real life and actual training, misunderstood information can not only result in us not getting the results we want from our hard work, but in some cases it might even lead to not so pleasant experiences for the animals that we are training.
One way of preventing these misunderstandings and understanding each other better is to speak the same language: in our case, that means using correct training terminology.
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Guide to target training your parrot

This is an old tutorial I made a couple of years ago when I was still new to filming and editing, so the sound quality isn’t the best. The information still holds up though, and it’s a quick, easily understandable guide to what is most often the first thing we teach our parrots to do!

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Tips for harness training your parrot

So… It’s not exactly summer outside. At least not where I live; the photo below is my balcony in Sweden right now. Bad timing for a post on harness training, you might think… But it’s actually the perfect time for one! This is because harness training isn’t just about strapping a harness on the bird, going putside and hoping for the best – it takes training, at least if we want to do it well, and if we want our bird to actually enjoy spending time outside in the harness. So, starting to work on it now means you’ll be ready as soon as spring arrives again, instead of having to spend potential outdoor-time on it then.


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