Behavior consultations

Struggling with a behavior problem?

Is your parrot biting, screaming all day, or are you having other issues? You’re not alone!
Many of the common problems we see with companion parrots can be very frustrating, both for the owner and not to mention the parrot. Sadly, issues like the ones mentioned are the reason many birds are rehomed or even euthanized. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this, as these same problems can be prevented and dealt with effectively with the right knowledge and some skilled help.


Stephanie is a certified parrot behavior consultant via the and has experience working with parrots that exhibit a wide range of behavior problems. All consultations are done in accordance with LIMA, which is an ethical hierarchy that ensures effective behavior change without the unnessecary use of punishment or other things that the parrot might find aversive.  Through a holistic look at behavior that includes physical health, The natural history of parrots, as well as the science of behavior and learning, Stephanie can help you work through your problems together with your bird, so that you can live a simpler, happier life together.

This service suits you if:

Your bird screams excessively, bites you or a family member, if your bird is scared of you, or you are experiencing any other kind of problem that you would like to work through with your parrot.

It works like this:

Send an email (Maximum 300 words) to with a short description of your parrot, the problems you are having and what you would like help with.
We will then book an initial consultation that is held via Skype, Zoom or a similar service, where we go over the issues in greater detail together. Based on that we make a behavior change plan that we will use in the coming weeks.
You might need to send pictures or video before the initial consultation. If so, this will be mentioned in the email you receive when booking the initial consult.
During the initial consultations we also book follow up sessions, if necessary. The number might vary from zero to several, depending on the issue. We decide on this together.
During the follow up sessions we will evaluate your progress together, and if necessary make changes to the behavior change plan.
Dealing with a behavior problem can put a lot of stress on you as an owner. I know and understand this, and my job is not only to give you the tools you need to help your parrot, but also to give you the tools you need to let go of some of that stress and thrive.


Initial consultation: $115/€110 per session
Follow up consultation (one): $95/€90 per session
Follow up consultation (two or more booked at once): $85/€80 per session

In person consultations are the same rates, with an additional cost to cover travel expenses and travel time, depending on where you live.
(Available in Sweden.)