Mentorship programs

Our Mentorship programs are perfect if you want to reach your goals with your bird, and want some help and support from an experienced professional along the way. Want to teach your parrot a new trick, but not sure how to do it? Working on some difficult behaviors like harness training, or do you want to teach your bird to voluntarily let you trim it’s nails? Need help taming your scared bird? Are you thinking about getting a new bird, or did you just bring your new baby or rescue bird home?
I’m here to help and support you along the way!
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Training Mentorship

Want some one-on-one advice on training your bird? No problem!
I’ll help you reach your training goals, no matter if that means teaching your bird useful every-day behaviors, or a special trick just for fun! How about teaching your parrot to paint, for example?
I will help plan your training, setting your bird and you up for success, and guide you along the way!

It works like this:

We usually do an initial meeting via skype, zoom or a similar service where we talk about what you would like to do, where you’re at now, what foundation behaviors might be needed first, and then we make a training plan together. You then train on your own or while i look via skype/zoom if possible, and help you tweak the training to build your own skills and reach your goals together with your bird. You can also send me recorded videos of training sessions for feedback – a super valuable help when working on a new behavior! I’m available via email if you have any questions outside of mentor meetings.
One live online meeting per week (up to 30 minutes) and feedback on up to two training sessions per week are included in the price.  

*Please note that the mentorship does not cover free flight training


Training mentorship one week: $85/€80  per week
Training mentorship two weeks: $75/€70 per week
Training mentorship three weeks or more: $65/€60 per week

Recorded training session evaluation/feedback only: $45/€40 per session


Coming soon!
New Bird Mentorship

Just got a new baby bird, or a rescue parrot that you would like to get off to a good start with? This mentorship program will be for you!
We’ll go through everything from setting up a good environment to training and building a strong, trusting relationship with your new feathered friend.

More info Coming Soon!